Light in the window

Light in the window 


The world is in turmoil. 

Fear is the most common thing being heard on the tv and radio waves. 

But in the middle of the darkness, in the middle of the fear and pain. 

In the window of that house. 

On that road, in that town. 

In that country.

A single string of fairy lights hung from the window. 

The light shone to represent that there was still light. 

There was still hope. 

Even in the darkness when all seemed so dim. 

Those in isolation looked out their windows and saw them. 

The string of single fairy lights lit up the street. 

A few days passed and another string of lights appeared in a window further down the lane.

Then another. 

Then another. 

Soon, around the country, streets and houses where lit up in the middle of spring by lights that shone out in the dark. 

Like that star that shone all those years ago to show that ‘the light’ had come to the world to illuminate the dark. 

Lights all over the country turned on to show there was hope. 

A little girl, only five years old held onto her mother’s hand as they unlocked their front door and went inside, she turned in the doorway and pointed at the house across the road. 

“Mummy, what are those lights out for? It’s not Christmas?” 

The mother, pulling the little girl inside from the cold smiled and said, “No it’s not Christmas, but Christiana we are in a time where a lot of people live in fear. Those lights are put out by others to remind each other that there is Hope.” 

“Like Mrs McKay?” The little girl thought about the sweet old lady that had lived in the flat down the road her entire life. 

The girl’s mother nodded. 

“Yes, to show people like Mrs McKay that there is still hope in this world.” 


 Later that night, just before she climbed into bed, Christiana pulled her string of fairy lights off of her shelf and padded across to her window. She put the tangled bundle of lights onto the window sill and switched them on at the wall. 


Across the street, from her window on the fourth floor of the block of flats. Mrs McKay looked out, she counted the amount of lights that turned on every night. 


The small White House at the end of the road. 

A tangled set of fairy lights added their glow to the nighttime. 


Hope still lives. Let the light shine tonight to show others that it still does! 


Written by A. L. Crick. On Sunday the 15th  March 2020.

Love the flower girl

A page from my Prayer journal;

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I know that you are with me.

You are an awesome God who heals and restores.

Great be your name, you reach down and take my hand.

Guiding me.

Guarding me.

All the way.

Your voice rings out in power.

You are the lord that stops for the one.

You are the lord who lifts up those who fall.

Never have you left me.

Never do you fail.

For you are near me.

Watching over me.

The entire of my life.

You sustain me.

You lift me up.

Making me to fly again.

Great is your faithfulness oh Lord.

Great is your reign.

The Lord God of love and power.

Who never leaves his Daughter.

Love the Flower girl 💐🌸🌼🌸🌹

Never alone


Is it possible to feel alone, 

Even when you know you have been found. 

When you know you are held, 

But feel so confused. 

You have read the book, 

You know the victory is your’s. 

His kingdom has come. 

He has already won. 

Yet it hurts when It happens. 

You don’t stop to breath. 

It’s like a star has fallen. 

Like you can’t fly higher. 

But the end of things, 

Ever known to man, 

It’s a story written from beginning to end.

Time Is in his hands.

A moment in the beginning. 

A instant set in place. 

From the beginning of age, 

He created me, 

Chose me. 

Destined me. 


He knows my thoughts. 

The tears that fall from my eyes. 

He sees It all. 

He hears my cry. 

He’s a good good father, 

The one who chose me for his plan. 

He has held my hand, 

Helped me to stand. 

My life hasn’t been picture book. 

It’s been an adventure.

Where there are hills to climb, 

And valleys to walk through. 

I don’t understand it. 

I cannot put it into words. 

But for the truth on the matter. 

This I can say.

Though the storms have been hard. 

The sea has been rough. 

The tears have fallen. 

I’ve often thought, 

That’s enough.


But he has been there. 

The anchor in my storm .

The one who has saved me. 

Named me. 

Chosen me for his own. 

Throughout the darkness. 

Throughout the pain. 

Your light has illuminated the shadows. 

It’s brought my garden back to life. 

Been through so much. 

You would think I should break. 

Not strong enough to withstand the storm. 

Not another day. 

But rather, 

On the contrary. 

I get stronger every day. 

For you see 

Through Christ I own the victory. 

My strength is not my own. 

Not that of a self made man. 

It’s the never ending. 

Never wavering. 

Forever there.


It fills me.

Brings me to my knees in prayer. 

It fills my night, 

It stirs my heart in the day. 

It’s the reason I’m still standing. 

The knowledge that No matter what. 

He has won the day. 

He is my victor. 

The crown of my victory. 

For the creator and father. 

Never leaves his daughter. 



Love Flower girl

When it means growing up

I know it’s been a while since I last posted but a lots been happening!

Hey a girls got to find time to sleep am I right 😂

That’s not to say that I don’t sleep, I actually quite like my 10:30/11:00 bed time and 7ish wake up time. Anyway off subject, I decided to make a post today for all you Teenage girls who are growing up so rapidly you start having those “I remember doing that when I was younger,” moments.

In fact I had one today.

I was at a friends house for dinner and in one of the rooms is a small under stairs cupboard, I was looking at it when I remembered with great fondness how my friends and I along with two of my brothers used to play sardines and hide and seek for hours in that house hiding in that cupboard with my friend while waiting for my brother to find us.

I looked back on myself today and realised how much I’ve grown up, I often wonder when did it change?

When did I first notice the change?

Was it when I was able to relate to the older girls in my life who I had adored my entire childhood and who where like the big sisters I never had?

Was it when they came to me with a problem or the need for prayer?

Was it when I noticed that I had chosen to pick up my bible and read that midway through a car trip instead of grabbing my kindle and reading the next cheater of the thrilling book I had?

Or maybe it was when my little brother proudly announced at the table, “I want to sit next to Ari!” My heart almost burst then. It was my turn to be the favourite sibling, in his entire five years I’ve seen my little brother idolising my brothers, and yes they are worth it. But today it was my turn, when he called “No Oscar, I want to play with Ari,” I had reached it. That point in my life when I realised I hadn’t messed up at being a big sister, when I hadn’t missed my chance at being there to see him grow and enjoy playing hide and seek with him (even if his legs and bottom stuck out half way from under the table when he hid and the dog came and deliberately laid down next to each and everyone of my hiding places🙄puppys😍😂)

We all have moments when it means you have to grow up, focus on what is really important in your life, invest in those healthy friendships and strength the bond of the family God has blessed you with.

I’m still young, I’m still learning, God is still knocking off the rough edges that make me respond all to quickly with a sharp comment to someone.

I’ve often stood in front of the mirror looking at myself and thinking “What is special about me? I can’t play music like my brothers, I’m not extremely talented at singing or amazing at baking. I can’t fix a technical issue at the flick of my wrist. ”

Its hard sometimes to not feel like the quiet good girl who fades into the background, but then I realised something.

How dull would it be if I was just like my brothers in every way?

There would be no one to fuss over her second youngest brother when he try’s to go out with his shirt collar turned up, or to advise her older brother on the right card to get his girl friend, no one to have the puppy give away her hiding places by laying almost on top of her head and looking up as if to say “she’s here!” No one to organise their books, or mix ketchup with roast chicken.

No, I don’t think that I would want to be like my brothers or anyone else for that matter. Not because they ain’t awesome, they are!

But because I’m learning to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m noticing it myself as my character defines and the way I react or don’t react changes, the way I handle a situation now that from how I would.

I am still not good at expressing my feelings in words, and one day I hope to break that. But right now, right here, I am happy to be me. I’ve grown up, and I know it. I don’t run and hide when something scares me anymore instead I turn towards the arms of my Heavenly Father where I find the peace my restless heart so needs to keep its self cool.

Because of who I am and what position I hold in the ministry I have felt The pain of being hurt and used many times just so people can get what they want. I closed myself off, not letting my emotions show so I wouldn’t get hurt. If there is one thing I don’t like it’s pity.

Call me proud, but no. I’ll take genuine affection and the sorrow of a friend who feels the pain, but I don’t take half hearted pity that holds no real value.

Over the years though I have gotten the two mixed up, but as you grow not just in age but in the lord you learn that love, real love hurts.

There is a song I love called alive,

Some of the words in it go,

” who would choose to wear a crown that bleeds and scars, just to win my heart.

Who would let his heart be broken every time. Just so I could heal mine.”

Jesus loves us to the point death, he chose to lay down himself so we could heal.

When Jesus asks us to lay down our lives for others it doesn’t mean become a door mat.

It means, ‘Selflessly lay down your wants and your desires to meet the needs of those you love.’

My mum once told me that I love much so I will hurt much.

No it was not right what they did to me, but I chose to help them through that time, it wasn’t right what they did using me. But despite them throwing my friendship and love back in my face I would go through it all again just to know I was there able to help them through that one moment in their life when they needed someone just to say, it will be okay.

Out of everything, when I come to that decision in my life. To let go of past and pain and love again to help and reach out again. To forgive and take the risk again. I know what it means to grow, not just to grow up but to grow in the lord.

Love the flower girl ❤️

Best Christmas ever,

Sound familiar 😂

Every year everyone says “we are gonna make this the best Christmas ever” out come the decorations. Out come the guest lists and the party invites!

This year my family said “we are going to make this the best Christmas ever.” We said this from the front seat of a converted American school bus that we have been living for the past seven weeks as our house had mice infestation.

Today we moved into a house for the Christmas holidays.

I decided five days ago to keep a “Best Christmas ever” diary.

After everything my family had been through and have been going through over the start of Christmas I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that it really was going to be the best Christmas ever despite everything!

I wrote day 5 in my diary today on why it’s the best Christmas ever.

And you know what-I looked over the last four days and every day without fail I’ve found a reason to why I’m having the best Christmas ever.

Not because of the season, or things around us.

But because of these five things so far!

1: The very fact the lord has given us family in the lord who love and care!


2: because my family love me and I have amazing parents and brothers.

3: because you have blessed me with real friends

4: because I am feeling very grateful for my life and the people I know.

5: because despite of where I staying, where I am tonight, I am with the people I love and with Jesus I can make any place feel like home!

Christmas is a choice!

It’s a heartfelt feeling that comes when we see the face of those we love light up!

No matter where we are-no matter if there’s the seasonal joy around you or not, I chose this Christmas to make this my best Christmas ever. The one I would remember for the rest of my life not because of what happened but because what the lords doing in me-helping me see beauty and life in everything around me!

Helping me to find the little things I’m grateful for to help me keep my chin up during the rough times!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


Flower girl!



What is a home?

A place the shelters you, a roof that keeps you from the storm? A place where we run when we are too tired to face the day?

Is that a home or a house?

What is a Family?

People that shelter you, arms that keep you from the storm, a place where we run when we are too tired to face the day?

A house is a house, it’s brick and mortar.

A home-is built up of those around you, the memories you share, the laughter and tears the friendship, the fears, the beauty of the world you create together.

That’s home, not where we are, not what covers us.

But those who love us.

It’s Christmas time and everyone is familiar with the song “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in your dreams.”

I never realised how true that is till now.

Christmas time is that time of year when the tree gets trimmed and the lights go up.

People always have family around, creating that warm feeling in our hearts.

We all want to be ‘ home for Christmas’ a lot of people think though that means being at the house, with the loved ones.

But the line “if only in your dreams.” Is so real and true, even more important than the one before.

When you love someone, if your with that person, in the physical or heart-you are already home.

As Christians at Christmas we remember the time when Christ left his home in heaven and made it among mankind.

He left the glory he had and became humble, but he was still home.

He made his home with man, with the ones who loved him here on earth.

Mary, Joseph,and later on the twelve not to mention all those others who followed him.

Home was where he was-because wherever he was those he loved where with him.

Our home is in Jesus, it’s with those who love us and it’s with the family who care.

So if your at home this Christmas or somewhere else-if your with those who love you, if you are with those who care. Your already home.

The photo above is so true-It’s also true for family.

It’s not about who’s connected to you by blood-or those you have known since childhood.

But those who have walked in said “I’m here for you” and proved it to their own hurt.

That’s love.

That’s loyalty.

That’s friendship.

That family.

That’s home.

Love the Flower girl 💙🤍


I wrote something the other day-and now it’s got me thinking.

What is strength?

A lot of people think it’s ‘who’s the most masculine, who’s able to lift this or that’.

But when it comes down to it, who is truly strong?

The mother who pushes through to care for her children.

The girl who smiles truly despite the pain in her heart.

The young man who keeps his heart steady and his gaze clear when things try to distract him.

Strength isn’t about who is the ‘strongest’ it’s about who Truly defines the word strength.

It’s the smile in the pain.

It’s the laughter in the stress.

It’s the lifted Chin and bracing shoulders as you face what life throws at you with a smile and heart of courage.

It’s knowing that despite what we may feel like, we are strong, knowing that He who is above all else watches over us and covers us, giving the strength we need to carry on.

For when we can’t go another step he makes us strong through him.

It’s hope-that carry’s us on.

It’s Jesus who lifts our heads.

It’s he who carry’s us.

It’s he who shows us what strength means when we face the hard times but know he is our deliver and he is there fighting our battles of us!

Strength isn’t about who is the strongest, but about who doesn’t given in, and who doesn’t loose hope.

I mentioned up at the top that I thought of this after I had written something.

I wrote it at about 12:35 ish last night while talking to a friend of mine.

‘Flower girl:

Sunflowers because they remind us to face the sun so that the shadows will fall behind us.

Roses because they remind us that we are beautiful no matter what.

Poppies because they remind us to remember the past but look with hope to the future.

Flower girl.’

I wrote that-in the midst of a hard time, a poem sort of thing about my favourite flowers.

It’s what makes me strong, knowing that there is beauty, there is hope, and there will always be sunlight where the shadows can’t invade.

Love the Inspirational flower girl