Another musical written

Thank you Jesus that’s all I have to say today. Epic academy this afternoon still on the road at 10:31 on way home from serving Jesus ! Another musical down and ready to go…… God you are faithful even though the last few months have been crazy and the last month I have felt a huge attack on my body with many moments of tears and pain intolerable levels. The power of communion, two nights ago broke the back of a week of agony… doctors diagnosis do not stand in the face my Jesus !

Today I was with those I love and those God has given me such a love for in a few short months laughing my socks off with Shellie Bakewell … ( you know who you are 🥰) Thank you Jesus for your family!!!

Today as I looked at a room of young people dancing and singing for you Father I knew at that moment that this is all I ever want to do ….. cities or towns, field or traffic, Jesus this is not my life, I surrender and lay it down …. do with it as you will, for in your Presence in your will is total safety !

Let it be ….. let the Prodigal musical arise !

Here we go again South and North July is coming up !!!

Stay strong

Jai x

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