Crumbs under the covers at 1am

So in my last I shared the value of the fast the benefit to the soul.

Yet it wouldn’t be fair to omit the laughter that this has brought in copious amounts of a fellow sister following the fast too. For I believe that even the Lord loves to hear the banter of His kids as they do something of benefit yes, but produces some dying to self.

Like one of those moments when your 5 year old walks into a conservatory glass door because it is so well polished and you want to run and cuddle and do, but the chuckles come too as he’s not really hurt and you know it. That is what I believe Daddy was doing at 1am as we bantered.

Who would have thought hay would be so yummy ! Irony is we see so many farms here and all I can see is my breakfast, sitting in my bowl with almond milk surrounding it. The joy when my son proclaims with yet another vegan meal “This is actually getting better… what I mean is your getting better at making these taste good ” I reply with ” erm… maybe you should stop digging darling” the hole was getting larger !

At 12.05 am when your phone pings and your awake coz your body decided 8:30pm was a good time for a nap and now you are awake ! Hangry – yes not hungry … and your in bed not sleeping … your husband is next to you. You look at the phone having swopped pictures of recipes you could try and then get into a banter about what to eat at 12.30am.

“oh Have you tried the Bakewell tart nakd ?”

Just wait before you switch off the blog .. I wasn’t being rude ! The only sweet thing to eat is Nakd bars , and I had found the above flavour, however on what’s app I suddenly realised that sounded obscurity and I could sense her eyebrows raising … thank goodness the 🤣 emoji was the next thing to ping ! Phew, defriending avoided !

The conversation continued ” Get something to eat , haven’t you got anymore cardboard or polystyrene in the house?”

Laughing out loud I stirred my husband that was asleep next to me, clearly had filled up on hay and oat milk before he slept, he awakens ” What’s so funny?” Me hilariously creasing up with laughter.

As I go onto share how hungry I am, he goes kindly to the kitchen to get my all time favourite ( all right tolerable ) cardboard with wallpaper glue on ….( aka) almond butter. Is it just me or does it take everyone about 10 minutes to scrape this substance off the roof of your mouth ! I used to love this stuff, but the combo of this and cardboard and I have to say you can still be finding bits hidden in your under lip even after a good electric tooth brush session and a cup of coffee ( strike that through) I mean water !!! I was half tempted to get the jet wash from downstairs and use it as a mouthwash the other day after my third sitting of this delicious delicacy. Yummy.

So when these arrived at my bedside my stomach was saying, “don’t care just feed me” so down they went ( slowly ) and with a few stops in the gullet to line, I mean stick to the sides ! Chomping away, I suddenly realised why last night in my beautiful four poster respite bed I hadn’t slept !

Hmm, combo of 5 year old leg and elbow in my eye and rib cage and what I dreamt was wood shavings chafing my skin all night !

Soon it dawned on me, my delightful bed time vice has spread its way into my bed sheets and the cardboard was now coming back at night to scratch me ! Darn you Ryvita!

How can one get so desperate when the conversation amidst belly laughing and trying not to wake my hosts, our children or move too much so as not to Chaff my skin or get it stuck going down. As it changed to the desperation of checking out our dogs biscuits…. for contraband ingredients , discussing how we could dunk them!!

God is good all the time and even out of painful flesh crucifying has come the most fun of times, in text and in shops.

People look at you very weirdly as your husbands pries your fingers off the galaxy bars like a toddler and says ” No…. don’t look you know your not allowed” and you go kicking and screaming ( not really) from the chocolate aisle.

Even that didn’t work in my mind, or my unfortunate knowledge of Nutrition from my study years …. why did I ever study and have knowledge ! Ignorance is bliss right ?

In all the fun and heart warming banter, I have learnt some serious things. Like, how much fun it is too cook ! I’m joking! I do cook, but having to take time to make things from my head!! That has been both stretching and exciting as I pop on a podcast to build my spirit, chop up another sweet potato and blend vegetables to hide them in sauces ( sorry kids ) !!

As the children tuck into a PIZZA 🍕!!! Yes I said Pizza, you know that yummy, yeasty breaddie, warm, squishy cheesy delight, I will praise the Lord for my cardboard and glue …. now where is that pressure washer

Stay strong and Hoover the bed sheets !

Jai xx

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