Chasing Fathers heart comes at a price.

So, we are having a well needed respite break, in Beautiful countryside in a beautiful place, beautiful cheese shops beautiful ice cream places, fudge shops. Beautiful people that allowed the love of God to shine through them, by allowing Christian workers like us to have respite, time away….. to breathe, in their beautiful house that we are staying in

All these things are beautiful and really yummy and yet this time we are walking past the rustle of the wax papered cheese, the fudge in delicate ribbon wrap and the ice cream that melts in the mouth. For we are seeking something more beautiful – His presence.

As the new year began, our amazing new home church announced a Daniel Fast, as a church, for 21 days. A period of time to seek God and to be more in tune with His presence. Even the kids are involved.

In this blog post I will share the majesty of His presence, the value… in the next… the light hearted banter of friends being vegan and chatting on text at 12:30 am, it really is not right to mix the two!

As the days go on, God has been showing me to run to Him first, that without distractions of sugar and craving I needed to run to Him more anyway ! But His presence is something that sugar and dairy will never replace, that I have missed Him, I have side stepped from His love when all daddy wanted was to draw close to His girl and the busyness of life had made me miss His calls some days.

But here in the now, in the place of no distractions to food, I hear my flesh scream as I chose life, to crucify my flesh when it wants to play up, that I turn my face to Daddy, that I turn my heart to His word.

This is my first looong fast and I can say, I have never felt such benefit of being close.

When my husband and I sat to get an answer from the Lord and an identical sentence came through to both of us, tears welled up! How easy it is to Hear Daddy, He’s always been speaking clear.

But like a radio trying to tune into a station, the distortions from other electrical frequencies and stations come through. It’s not until you move yourself to another place a silent spot, down the distractions and listen you here the station clear.

Daddy forgive me for distractions and thank you for leading me into this place where I can die to me and live for you

Stay strong

Jai x

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