The Dance of Trust

Being a dancer, you get taught technique. Way to hold yourself, place your feet. Hold your head, your poise, your body aches as you manipulate it into the place it is “supposed” to go.

If Trust were like a genre of dance, there would be absolutes, placement that was wrong and placement that was right. You would know if you were on pointe or off. Your peers in your class would know if you were grade perfect or if you were failing.

But Trust, trust is not a dance, or knowing and position. The trust dance is when you take a step and it’s not a known, a given a graded placement. It’s like stepping in the dark in the night when the lightbulb has broken and you need to move quickly down the stairs. It’s knowing the familiar feel of the carpet and the tread of the steps, yet the unknown is just that unknown. The dance of trust is knowing who is your staircase, who is the familiar tread as you step, but not knowing if your foot is turned out, in first, fourth or second position.

In the Trust dance, none of that matters. As the smoke clears and the lights come back on, as you see the end of the dance, where your feet have landed… you know that you were safe and your dance partner, the Father of all Fathers had your every step.

Every dance of Trust is never known, the process the steps, there is no syllabus’s to pass but, exams are passed every time… because His word, IS the given, the known.

Trust you Daddy

Stay strong

Jai xx

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