Best Christmas ever,

Sound familiar 😂

Every year everyone says “we are gonna make this the best Christmas ever” out come the decorations. Out come the guest lists and the party invites!

This year my family said “we are going to make this the best Christmas ever.” We said this from the front seat of a converted American school bus that we have been living for the past seven weeks as our house had mice infestation.

Today we moved into a house for the Christmas holidays.

I decided five days ago to keep a “Best Christmas ever” diary.

After everything my family had been through and have been going through over the start of Christmas I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that it really was going to be the best Christmas ever despite everything!

I wrote day 5 in my diary today on why it’s the best Christmas ever.

And you know what-I looked over the last four days and every day without fail I’ve found a reason to why I’m having the best Christmas ever.

Not because of the season, or things around us.

But because of these five things so far!

1: The very fact the lord has given us family in the lord who love and care!


2: because my family love me and I have amazing parents and brothers.

3: because you have blessed me with real friends

4: because I am feeling very grateful for my life and the people I know.

5: because despite of where I staying, where I am tonight, I am with the people I love and with Jesus I can make any place feel like home!

Christmas is a choice!

It’s a heartfelt feeling that comes when we see the face of those we love light up!

No matter where we are-no matter if there’s the seasonal joy around you or not, I chose this Christmas to make this my best Christmas ever. The one I would remember for the rest of my life not because of what happened but because what the lords doing in me-helping me see beauty and life in everything around me!

Helping me to find the little things I’m grateful for to help me keep my chin up during the rough times!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


Flower girl!


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