He does it again and again

My God is faithful and He can’t be out given.

What the enemy meant for Harm MY GOD turned round for His glory.

Right up until the last moment before we went on stage in Birmingham this weekend, the enemy tried and popped at our family, and those around us. It was the last straw when the missing fireplace prop, that God replaced miraculously Saturday night, flew off the roof on the way to the performance smashing all over the motorway, that we sat and laughed in the face of our enemies !

This last 3 months:

We have lost our house to mice

Skipped half of our home belongings to mice and vermin.

Lived in a motorhome conversion for 7 weeks in the cold

The awning flipped over the roof it was so windy.

Taken showers in so many places, washed in large plastic tubs! Oh yes … I know!

Felt and seen our breath inside for nights

Travelled up and down and had two major blow outs on tyres.

Lost props, found them, had them damaged

Lost costumes or DPD did TWICE £500 worth of goods ! One day before show !

One of the main cast went sick on the weekend of the show.

Driven up a understudy from Surrey !

BUT GOD !!!!!

He moved on the hearts of thousands of people on Sunday morning as the testimonies roll in…. we want for nothing He has the glory !! He did miracles !!!! He is providing more than we could imagine in healing hearts of those around, he’s building team and family !!

We have the best family in the world in our church, our pastors rock and we are so blessed to have God building team around us, people wanting to help and be involved.

I wanna shout out to the best Daddy in the world ! He alone is worthy, and neither death nor life nor anything else in all creation will separate this family from what God has called us to do! We love you Daddy, we love where you sent us and we love the people we serve and those we reach.

Please pray for the next 3 shows ! He is indeed on the move !!

” I have been so blessed this Christmas time, to spend time with the Crick family at rehearsals for Above the Musical and then also, to be part of the audience during a performance in Birmingham. God has woven so much into this piece of theatre, that it literally just saturated my soul with God’s truth and wisdom. The songs are uplifting and the words spoken just echo in your heart. Prepare to be moved by God’s spirit and touched by this incredible family who have a heart for God and a heart for you…

Rachel Matthews

*please be aware I work part time so am not always able to respond immediately*

Regional Producer and Coordinator for Central England

07882 789805

website http://www.premier.org.uk/consent

Stay strong Jai x

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